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        A Focus on People & Processes: Meet Jill Greenwood

        When CEC acquired A&A Fire and Security in 2010, Jill Greenwood officially joined the CEC family.

        With her background in finance, she became the company’s business manager, overseeing financials, billing, and accounts payable and accounts receivable for CEC’s Wisconsin offices.

        In May 2021, she decided to try something new and joined the customer success team. Her passion for creating excellent customer experiences has made her a great fit for this role.

        “I came in and didn’t know anything about this world. Everybody took me under their wings and genuinely wanted to help me succeed. It’s huge to be part of an organization like that,” she explains.

        Meet CEC Service Delivery Manager Jill Greenwood!

        Q: What makes you most excited about working at CEC? 

        I was part of the due diligence process when A&A Fire and Security was being acquired more than a decade ago. CEC was the first company to come in and make us feel like they had a vested interest in growing our business. The focus on growth and improvement is what led me to want to be part of CEC. The company’s continued focus on not only surviving but thriving is what excites me every day.

        Q: What do you enjoy most about what you do? 

        I have a passion for simplifying processes and making them better for our employees and customers. Customer service is the core of the business, and I enjoy that. We can sell and install anything we want, but our business isn’t sustainable if we don’t (or can’t) service the systems we sell. Putting the right people and processes in place to make sure our services are seamless is what I love.

        Q: Is there a CEC initiative you’ve been involved with that you’re especially proud of?

        When I was in the role of customer success manager, I worked to build my team, and I’m very proud of that. I was given the empowerment to make it happen, and I feel like my voice matters. Leadership had the faith in me to do this, and their backing makes me proud of the work I’ve done. To really dig in and build the comradery of a team and get them working together is something I’m honored to do. I’ve encountered some amazing people along the way.

        Q: How does a typical day play out for you at CEC? What are you responsible for? 

        I sit in on a lot of process and procedural meetings to get a good blueprint of how everyone else works, and I help make decisions about how we can function more efficiently. I also spend time updating processes and working on reporting to increase our efficiency. I work closely with my new team to review how we provide service to our customer, find the holes, and propose ways to fix those holes. If someone is out or needs assistance, I jump in to cover. I’m working toward learning each of my team member’s roles so I can fill voids as needed and feel like I’m part of the team.

        Q: What’s a fun/interesting fact about you that most people don’t know? 

        I run the Green Bay First Food Pantry as a volunteer and sit on the board for the Hunger Coalition of Brown County. I get to use my business skills to help write grants, partner with Feeding America and others to supply food for the food pantry and find ways to get food to people who need it.

        Q: How do you spend your free time? 

        I spend my free time with my family of five and volunteering. My kids are at the age where their activities keep me on the move. Just like my kids, serving our community keeps my heart happy—whether that’s food related or reaching out to youth in our community. I like to volunteer and make connections. My church runs a program on Wednesday nights where we send four or five busses out to pick up kids throughout the community. We bring them in and feed them a meal, get to know them, and build relationships that many don’t experience in their daily lives.  

        Q: If you could do one other job at CEC for a day, what would it be? 

        I really love what I do, but I do think interaction with customers would be fun. I’d want to spend a day in a technical position to gain a better understanding of that world. I would probably be fired within the first few hours since I don’t have any of those skills, but it would be fun to job shadow so I could see that side of it!


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