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        Service Request

        **Current customers, please submit Service Ticket requests through our Customer Portal**

        For emergencies, after-hours, or holiday support, please call our Customer Support Center at 866-423-2247.

        If you do not hear back from us within 1 Business Day, please call our Customer Support Center at 866-423-2247.

        When filling out the form below, please provide complete information. Incomplete information may result in delays. Fields with * are required.

        Terms and Conditions: I understand that, by submitting this request for service, a Customer Service Coordinator will be contacting me via telephone to schedule a time for a technician to respond to the service request. I also understand that any online service request submitted outside of CEC normal business hours will not be responded to until the start of the next business day. ALL EMERGENCY REQUESTS MUST BE CALLED INTO OUR CUSTOMER SUPPORT CENTER: 866-423-2247.

        Contact Information

        Authorizing Individual

        (if different from contact)

        Request Information

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